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About Bamboo Creations Victoria

Bamboo creations victoria are a bamboo plants nursery Our fascination with bamboo begun when we were traveling through Asia,where we saw beautiful gardens bamboo planted thoughout landscaped gardens that looked absolutely stunning.

Upon our return home we set about sourcing bamboo to recreate a tropical garden around our pool. To our amazement these beautiful bamboos grew so quickly before our eyes.

Having propagated hundreds of plants before we decided to try our hand at bamboo.

As easy as bamboo is to grow it is one of the most difficult to propagate. After much research and lots of trial and error we finally had success. Six years on and we have established a bamboo nursery that has some of the rarest and most beautiful bamboo in the world. We currently stock over 50 species of bamboo with many more being trialled. All species grown have been trialled and tested to perform in our harsh climate here in Riddells Creek before they are sold

Our Aim

Bamboo creations nursery offering many bamboo varieties Our aim is to offer top quality bamboo and educate our customers on the many uses of clumping bamboo. At Bamboo Creations we stock some of the most beautiful bamboo in the world. We have red cane, blue cane, yellow cane,green cane, black cane and striped canes and ground covers to tall timber giants. We have a range of pot sizes from 14cm through to advanced specimens.